About Us - Inovasi Solusi
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About Us

Who we are?


The Innovasi Solusi is a growing company that brings innovative, creative and cutting edge technology in Digital Marketing. WE also provide support in Mobile and Website development. WE want our clients’ brand to be next in top.


We are designed to provide necessary knowledge to all professionals who want to improve their sales and create brand in using Digital Marketing. To increase leads, grow sales and support goals.


We are a full service digital marketing agency and our services include: paid media, SEO, conversion optimisation, analytics, social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, web dev and creative services. Our team’s diverse range of skills allows us to create dynamic, holistic and scalable campaigns for all of our clients.



Why Choose Us?


Our mission is to deliver exceptional product that will help the return on investment for our clients. Our passion for developing best digital marketing strategy and mobile and web products drives us to push beyond our limit and make greatness out of nothing.