Financial Services

Despite adhering to stringent compliance mandates, the financial sector is a high-value target for cybercriminals, cyber terrorists, and enemy states. Between the pressure to maintain compliance with SOX and other industry regulations and the need to maintain the trust they have earned in their community, banks and financial institutions need to detect and remediate threats immediately.

With Core Security, you can not only identify, but prioritize both access and vulnerability risks in your organization. Sophisticated threats and targeted custom attacks continue to test the IT security hardiness of financial services institutions.

Our solutions for financial services organizations will help you do more than pass your audit; they will help you stay fully compliant with continuous and comprehensive monitoring and help you detect, deter, and remediate both access and vulnerability risk.

Capturing Today’s Value and Protecting The Future

At a time of unprecedented structural change in the financial services industry, banks and credit unions and other financial institutions are contending with increasing challenges, including compliance with new regulations, increased customer demand, data security, increased competition and maintaining customer loyalty.

Organizations are responding to the increasing need for operational control and transparency by making significant investments in core systems replacement and data analytics to ensure their ongoing competitiveness.

Why Inovasi Solusi Internasional?

Inovasi Solusi helps financial institutions meet these challenges by transforming IT systems into high performance, cost efficient business engines, while maintaining data security and compliance. Our teams provide customer-centric financial services to drive value today and to compete successfully in the future.

Inovasi Solusi designs, builds and implements scalable, state-of-the art infrastructures that consolidate operations and help financial institutions realize efficiencies and cost savings associated with IT transformation.

Our product not only support current business requirements, but are scalable and flexible enough to accommodate future growth while mitigating risk.

Business & IT

Access to enterprises solutions and cloud services to support future financial transformation


Leverage IT to allow innovation and maximize profitability and market evaluation

Flexibility & Scalability

Choose from a full suite of Inovasi Solusi technology management services

Balance Risk & Security

High security and risk mitigation based on industry best practices