GTech Tracing

Detecting and isolating COVID-19 cases is a priority to isolate the spread of the pandemic.

WHO has reiterated that, besides finding, testing, isolating, and treating every positive case of COVID-19, it is vital to trace all contacts of individual positives with other people in order to curtail virus spread rates.

We offer a powerful tool to isolate the COVID-19 cases through Mobile Apps or Wearable Devices. The cases of countries such as South Korea have clearly illustrated how effective they can be at the time of identifying and notifying citizens that may come into contact with infected individuals. However, in Philippines and Indonesia, for the time being, there are a lot of room of improvement in tracing all the contact of Individual Positives.

Implementing a good control of contact tracing will gain the confidence .

Who Should Use GTech Tracing



Public Transportation








Office Estabilishment


How to Use GTech Tracing

Gtech Tracing Application IOS and Android

Gtech Tracing Apps

  • 1. Install application and verify telephone number.
  • 2. Activate Bluetooth on the Apps.
Gtech Tracing Wearable

Gtech Tracing Wearable

  • 1. Scanning ID.
  • 2. Using Bluetooth wearables while inside the premises.

How to Use GTech Tracing

Gtech Tracing Dashboard and Analytic

Analytic and Visualization

Establishment will benefit from the data collected by the Gtech-Tracing, to be able to analyze the data for management decision purpose such as but not limited to heat map analytic of individuals movement within Establishment.

Contact Tracing in a matter of seconds

Data and User Privacy

 Privacy Safeguard

The GTech Tracing enhances contact tracing efforts in the fight against COVID-19. It comprises the Gtech Tracing App and the Gtech Tracing Wearable Token.

Both the Mobile Apps and the Wearable Token can be used voluntarily and it facilitates the contact tracing process. With your consent, it exchanges encrypted and anonymised Bluetooth signals with nearby GTech Tracing devices, and the Bluetooth data is automatically deleted within specified time as the compliance.

 We store limited data

The Data that we store is device ID.

 GPS location

The GTech Tracing uses Bluetooth to Approximate your distance to other GTech Tracing devices. We do NOT collect data about your GPS location. Neither do we collect data about your WiFi or mobile network.

 Usage of Data

The Gtech Tracing Mobile App collects anonymised data about your phone and App (e.g. device model, App version) to help us improve the App and provide a better user experience.