IT Consultation - Inovasi Solusi
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IT Consultation


Technology is constantly changing, growing increasingly complex and inter-related with other technology from a variety of sources. But Inovasi Solusi can assist you in matching your needs to a range of technology solutions based on cost, functionality, technical architecture, and support resources.


Inovasi Solusi IT consultation allows you to gain a better understanding of your IT needs and the technologies you depend on most. Through an initial conversation with an Inovasi Solusi representative, you’ll learn about the most important aspects of IT outsourcing including:

IT Cost Reductions

Improved Security

Disaster Recovery Planning & Prevention

Software and Operating System Deployment

Centralized IT Management

Remote Desktop Access

Green Initiatives & Lower Energy Bills

Why Choose us?

Analysing current processes, environment and issues


Analysing on current IT system and network


Identifying current situation, priorities and ambitions


Tailoring IT solutions based on your needs


Supply and install all hardware and software

Our consultants will survey, analyse and provide the best advice guaranteed to improve your current IT infrastructure.


Using the latest technological advances to ensure that your business runs as smoothly and effectively.

Benefits getting IT Consultation with us:

Face to face advice from a local company


We’re a privately owned independent company focused on making sure your IT is fit for purpose.
Future-proof your IT


When we review your IT systems, we plan ahead and take a proactive approach to preventing future problems, not just current ones.
Improved productivity


Getting your IT ship-shape and performing as it should will save you money, because you’ll have a more productive workforce.
Peace of mind


Our IT consultation will give you an expert opinion on the IT challenges facing your business now and in the future.

With  years experience in the IT industry, Inovasi Solusi will ensure you get the most out of your IT systems to maximize your business’s efficiency and productivity. We respect all our existing and potential customers, which is why we offer our best consultation. 


Need IT Consultation call us now!