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Inovasi Solusi Internasional


Penetration Test, Digital Marketing, IT Consultant, Website and Mobile Development in Indonesia and Philippines

Be One Step Ahead of
The Hackers

We detect and proof your security vulnerabilities before others do. Doing this within the most ethical process is our top priority.
The identification of IT security issues is a prerequisite to successfully eliminating them. We are the market leader in the field of penetration testing in Germany as well as Europe. Testing the security of your IT-infrastructure will prevent unauthorized access to confidential data and personal information.
Web Penetration Test
Comprehensive penetration test of your web applications, web services and APIs that may be used to store and access critical business information, with the goal to identify and exploit web-borne vulnerabilities. Our pen-testers will use advanced skills and techniques required to test modern web applications and next-generation technologies.
Network Penetration Test
Evaluation of your internal or external information assets’ ability to withstand attacks. Our world-class penetration testers, armed with the same techniques as cybercriminals, will attempt to break into your network, IT infrastructure, and servers to raise awareness about vulnerabilities and the effects of exploitation, as well as end-user adherence to security policies.
Mobile Application Security Assessment
Assessment of your mobile applications developed for iOS and Android to identify vulnerabilities specific to mobile computing environments, such as those defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and other emerging industry standards.
Wireless Penetration Test
Penetration testing of your wireless LAN (WLAN) to discover security flaws in wireless networks and systems. In addition, our ethical hacking service will assist you to implement defensive techniques that allow you to enjoy the flexibility that your Wi-Fi and wireless systems offer to your employees in a secure fashion.
Vulnerability Assessment
Discover vulnerabilities within your assets wherever they may exist (perimeter, internal networks, cloud). Regardless of the infrastructure in use, our experts will assess the security of your systems using both automatic and analytical (manual) methodologies.
Live Hacking
Be part of a live hacking event! In impressive presentations, our experts show that IT systems and devices can be easily hacked and data can be lost.
In order to share their knowledge and experience, our IT security consultants are happy to offer a broad range of workshops covering a variety of relevant IT security aspects with the aim of training responsible security persons in your company.
Secure Code Review
Examination of your web application's code performed by security specialists that aims to identify security flaws and withstand attacks. Analyzing the code gives the opportunity to find vulnerabilities that would not be found otherwise. Thus, this service is complementary with penetration test.

Penetration Process

How we make the best App


This is how our in-house mobile app developers build an app that is true to your requirements, but we have to know your requirements first.


We develop simple to complex mobile apps that can only be described as robust, scalable and functionality-rich. There is a need to determine whether the functional and non-functional requirements are workable or not. Identifying feasible solutions is the necessary next step.


Ideas and inputs from brainstorming sessions will be translated into semi-functional mockups.


With a solid grasp of the requirements (functional, non-functional and aesthetic), the developers will put the pieces together.


A mandatory process, a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the beta version will ensure that the app will perform best regardless of the environment it is hosted.


Once it is ready for publishing, it will be deployed on the appropriate platform.

Contact Us

Ruko Bahan Bangunan
Jl. Mangga Dua Raya Blok H1-1
Jakarta Utara 10730

Inovasi Solusi Internasional provides penetration testing, digital marketing, web and mobile application development, and IT consultant services. Most of our clients are located in Philippines,  Indonesia and Taiwan. The outcome of vulnerability and penetration test are to protect valuable company data and remain in control over your IT infrastructure. Inovasi Solusi Internasional is a company that brings innovative, creative and cutting edge technology in penetration test, digital marketing, mobile and website development.  Inovasi Solusi Internasional can assist you in matching your needs to a range of technology based on cost, functionality, and technical infrastructure. Inovasi Solusi Internasional can help you in building a solid brand for your digital marketing presence and expose your brand to your prospective client. Your business may leverage digital marketing channel such as search engine optimization (SEO) e.g Google, social media e.g Facebook, Twitter, email and the website to connect your current and prospective customers to you.