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Inovasi Solusi Internasional


Making creative and new solutions for your Digital Market

The best team of Digital Marketers and Developers

Innovasi Solusi is a growing company that brings innovative, creative and cutting edge technology in Digital Marketing. WE also provide support in Mobile and Website development. WE want our clients’ brand to be next in top.

Digital Marketing
Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.
Web development
As website design and development technology has progressed over the years, you now have more digital marketing tools than ever before.
Mobile App Development
With the massive shift in the way people consume information through mobile technology, there has also been a change in trend of marketing efforts done by advertisers and marketers.
IT Consultation
Inovasi Solusi can assist you in matching your needs to a range of technology solutions based on cost, functionality, technical architecture, and support resources.
Penetration Testing
Information about any security vulnerabilities successfully exploited through penetration testing is typically aggregated and presented to IT and network system managers to help those professionals make strategic conclusions and prioritize related remediation efforts.
Creating Solid Brand
Building a solid brand is the first step of your Digital Marketing presence.
Expose Your Brand
We help you expose your brand to your prospective clients. More exposure means more clients.
High Sales
The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to use it to make more sales and customers to your business.

Mobile App Development Process

How we make the best App


This is how our in-house mobile app developers build an app that is true to your requirements, but we have to know your requirements first.


We develop simple to complex mobile apps that can only be described as robust, scalable and functionality-rich. There is a need to determine whether the functional and non-functional requirements are workable or not. Identifying feasible solutions is the necessary next step.


Ideas and inputs from brainstorming sessions will be translated into semi-functional mockups.


With a solid grasp of the requirements (functional, non-functional and aesthetic), the developers will put the pieces together.


A mandatory process, a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the beta version will ensure that the app will perform best regardless of the environment it is hosted.


Once it is ready for publishing, it will be deployed on the appropriate platform.

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